VersiWall GP the professional solution

A versatile, easy-to-install and low maintenance modular vertical greening system

We are proud to annouce VersiWall GP featured in the RHS Chelsea Flower Show 2018 Gold Medal, and Best Space to Grow Garden, winning Urban Flow garden where it was used to create an edible living wall.

VersiWall GP Urban Flow


About VersiWall

VersiWall™ GP is an extremely versatile, easy-to-install and low maintenance modular vertical greening system which offers architects and developers a cost-effective solution to turn monotonous walls into aesthetically-pleasing living plant walls.

Few living wall systems offer the versatility of the VersiWall™ GP hanging wall. At the heart of the system is the planting tray that fits either two plants in 4” nursery pots or direct planting.

VersiWall™ GP offers the flexibility to choose from several tray mounting options (propriety panels, weld mesh, rods or steel wire) to suit wall conditions and minimise wall penetrations, with 6 universal anchoring points on each tray to enable installation easily and safely by just one person.

VersiWall™ GP trays can also be arranged in a variety of horizontal and vertical spacing to provide flexibility in planting density and layout.

VersiWall™ GP trays can be individually easily replaced or removed for maintenance or design change, while anti-lift arms prevent inadvertent dislodgement of trays.

Irrigation pipes are concealed neatly at the rear between trays and each VersiWall™ tray has baffle to distribute water evenly and a covered water reservoir for healthy plant growth, with excess water flowing into underlying trays or discharging through drainage pipes.

VersiWall™ GP trays allow a wide choice of soil media to suit plant requirements and each tray holds 1.8l of soil, equivalent to the volume of a 150mm diameter pot.

VersiWall™ GP trays and panels are manufactured from UV-stabilised recycled polypropylene that meets requirements for international “Green Building” certification.


Planting Media
Suitable for most green wall plants and common planting media.
Holds 1.8L of soil equivalent to volume in 150mm dia. pot.

Anti-lift arms prevent the inadvertent dislodgment of trays by natural causes or accident.

Multi-Point Mounting
3 pairs of anchor hooks provide flexibility, allowing a variety of mounting and design options.

Mounting Panel
Simplifies installation with minimal wall penetrations and less bolts are needed.

Plant Density
Variable vertical and horizontal tray spacing allows different planting and design options.
200mm tray width allows flexibility in plant spacing and tray layout.

Baffle Plate and Reservoir
Distributes irrigation, prevents media spillage and stores excess water to sustain healthy growth.
Irrigation pipes are concealed neatly at the rear between Trays.
Capillary wick draws stored water and fertilizer from reservoir.

Excess water flows into underlying trays or is discharged through a drainage outlet.

Material Recycled Polypropylene ( UV stabilised )
Size (mm)

Tray: Overall 195 (W) x 207 (H) x 192 (D)Nominal 200 (W) x 150 (H) x 195 (D)

Mounting Panel: Overall 418 (W) x 925 (H) x 22 (D)Nominal 400 (W) x 900 (H) x 22 (D)

Planting Media Volume (l) ~ 1.8
Weight (kg/m²)

Close Planting (~33 trays/m²) ~ 93

Open Planting (~ 22trays/m²) ~ 62

Vertical Distance between trays (mm)@150mm pitch@225mm pitch 0 (trays overlap)@225mm pitch 40
Biological / Chemical Resistance Unaffected by moulds and algae. Good resistance to alkali and bitumen

Load Testing

VersiWall trays supported on the propriatory Mounting Panel has been shown to be able to withstand over 260 kilograms force (2,550N)!

Detailed installation guidelines can be found under the Downloads tab