Pixel Garden premium system

With Pixel-Garden vegetation walls you can create innovative, impressive and easy-to-maintain green walls.

Pixel-Garden With Hy-Tex (UK) Limited's new Pixel-Garden vegetation walls you can create innovative, impressive and easy-to-maintain green walls - vertical gardens, which perfectly refresh any space and are suitable for both indoor and open spaces, functioning as partitions, cladding and decoration at home, work or in public spaces.

Pixel-Garden flower walls set new standards in the design space for live vegetation. Not only providing space saving decoration but also offering environmental benefits to improve moods, increase air quality, enhance bio-diversity and absorb noise.

Constructed as building facades, exhibition stand walls, acoustic screens, fences, or attractive features of greenery Pixel-Garden brings new quality to space.

Green walls catch the eye and attention, creating an original visual message. Pixel-Garden vertical gardens offer enormous possibilities of arrangement. Small pots, like picture pixels, blend into colourful, detail-rich images. They allow you to create a variety of colour variations - flowering mosaics and elaborate floral patterns, with dramatic impact.

Existing solutions for decorative interior and exterior vertical plant walls are largely confined to hanging pots and pouches or complicated,costly and bulky panels. Pixel-Garden is a new system that is simple to use, versatile and does not require expensive, cumbersome changes to existing walls. The system can be easily expanded and combined, in an original way, to manage space of virtually unlimited size. Thanks to its functionality and innovative design Pixel-Garden defines new standards of green design and allow you to develop imaginative, visually stunning, vegetation walls.

Visually Pleasing

Pixel-Garden offers unlimited range of possibilities in the selection of plants for colours, forms, shapes and textures. Thanks to the small size of the pots you can use them like image pixels to create pictures with impressive artistic effects.

Pixel-Garden planting schemes can be arranged both as abstract, multi-coloured spaces, or precision patterns and images. You can easily build from vegetables, flowers or foliage. The perfectly matched modules form a compact floral wall that looks interesting both up close and from afar.

While the technical components of the system are unobtrusive, being virtually invisible even from a short distance.

Clever Design

The system allows you to create modular walls of flowers and vegetation in pots that can be easily re-arranged and replanted to spectacular effect. At the front of each unit there are two sleeves designed to securely hold and display the pots, while at the rear a reservoir of stored water provides control irrigation of the pots. The sides and bottom of the boxes are designed to simply interlock and securely stack to provide easy installation. Individual modules are combined to provide columns that are perfectly matched, ensuring the stability of the whole structure. Composed in this way, vertical garden can have any virtually any height and size.

A key element of the system is the angle of inclination of the wall planter pots which ensures that the plants forming the composition are properly hydration and feed, as well as giving it unique visual qualities that results in a wall of impressive, decorative character that creates an amazing impression for people viewing both up close and from afar, from every angle. The end result is really attractive.

Smart Irrigation

Pixel-Garden’s floral wall construction is not only responsible for remarkable visual effect, but also has a unique cascading irrigation system, protected by patent, that only requires water to be supplied to the highest rows of the system for the entire interconnected modules to be reliably irrigated. This means that only a single water connection is required to take care of the whole garden.

With its innovative design, the water supplied to the highest "floors" of pots overflow through special openings so the optimum amount gets to all other levels of the system, ensuring each plant - that is, every single pixel - is adequately hydrated.

The secret of the optimum hydration (ie ensuring neither excessive nor insufficient water) is achieved by controlling the height of the water storage reservoir in each module, a raised overflow pipe that ensures excess water flows in to lower tiers in the structure to nourish all the plants. With this solution, the entire wall flower is watered properly.

Easy to Assemble

Installation of walls flowering requires no special knowledge or effort. The system can be installed both indoors and outdoors. The size of the flower matrix can also be modified over time to include further elements, increasing the surface of a hanging garden, or revised layouts.

Pixel-Garden wall modules are fixed to the vertical, preferably wood, substrate with each element secured using just one screw.

Open your imagination and compose your own theme designed vertical vegetation garden.

Encourages Creativity

The flexibilty of plant layout provided by Pixel-Garden opens many possiblilities to create spectacular floral walls in a variety of situations and even as advertising media. Modern green walls do not just decorate, but also can be a carrier of marketing content and visual communication messages. Pots of colourful plants, like photograph pixels, can be used to create a vertical wall of any image, impressive mosaics and an attractive statement.

They can be ornamental motifs, abstract or set images - signs, symbols, corporate logos and even words. The possibilities are endless and the wonderful effect depends entirely on your imagination. Do not miss this opportunity to effectively attract the attention of potential customers.

Improve Accessability

People young and old with mobility difficulties are often frustrated by the bending or reaching in conventional gardens. With Pixel-Garden you can create gardens at a height that is comfortable to you.

Easy to assemble

Easy to install in 5 steps Installation is really simple and does not require professional skills, special tools or lengthy preparations. Just 5 simple steps in order to enjoy the beauties of your own vertical garden. See how easy it is:

1. Prepare base frame On a suitable vertical surface, that can support the flower wall, construct a slatted wooden grid attached to the structure, with horizontal members spaced at 125mm centres for PG09 and 185mm for PG14.

2. Install Pixel-Garden Using a drill and bolt/screw assemble Pixel Garden on the frame. Make sure that each element has been mounted precisely and evenly. All products in the Pixel-Garden series have the highest quality materials and workmanship. They are also suitable for quick and easy assembly to present no problems.

3. Install top irrigation pipe Along the top row of Pixel Green elements feed the irrigation pipe through the holes. This pipe provide the water for the entire system. Then install drip tips.

4. Install any extra irrigation components Install any remaining elements of the irrigation system required to suit your needs (automation for example).

5. Place pots When the construction of a green wall is complete you can finally plant up and insert the pots to create the spectacular visual effect of the entire system. The choice of plants is up to you and depends on your visual concepts. You can choose scented flowers and with their help create a diverse, thriving cornucopia of colours or planned a colourful mosaic, or opt for a variety of shades of lush greenery for a impressive modern hedge.