"A sincere artist is not one who makes a faithful attempt to put on to canvas what is in front of him, but one who tries to create something which is, in itself, a living thing." – Sir William Dobell

Our modular green wall systems allow you to create strikingly beautiful, unique and original works of art that can be appreciated by anyone who stops and takes a moment to be captivated by the beauty and diversity that nature has to offer.

When visiting botanical gardens, taking a stroll in a park or hiking through a forest it is easy to see that nature has come up with a huge variety of colours, textures, patterns and sizes. By utilizing this diversity and incorporating hundreds of species of plants it is possible to create living art.

Our systems make it easier for you to design green walls which are diverse, eye-catching, intriguing, simply a pleasure to look and that complement their surroundings

VersiWall, Pixel Garden, and VertiVerd allow you to use plants as your paints and walls as your canvases!